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Do you have any of the following concerns for your child or teen?
  • Struggles with reading, writing or math
  • Bothered by thoughts or worries
  • Needs extra time to complete assignments
  • Poor concentration, focus and paying attention
  • Easily angered, irritated or impatient
  • Trouble coping with frustration and disappointments
  • Appears sad, unhappy and moody

If the answer is yes, then an assessment tailored to your specific concern can help your child or teen achieve success. Through testing, a child’s strengths and weaknesses can be understood and then an appropriate treatment plan can be made to help your child in school, home or with peers.

The following are the assessments offered:

Learning Disabilities Assessments are recommended for those children and adolescents who are achieving below their expected academic level in one or more areas. It is important to understand how a child learns best; therefore, strengths as well as weaknesses are measured.
Attention Deficit Evaluations are offered when inattention, poor concentration, lack of focus, impulsivity, disorganization and/or hyperactivity interfere with a child’s learning or peer and family relationships.
Psychological Testing is suggested when a more thorough understanding of emotional concerns is indicated. These tests help parents, teachers, and therapists better understand a young person’s problems and how they impact his or her learning and social relationships.
Accommodation Assessments are specific testing batteries for students who may feel they need additional accommodations for performing up to their potential on standardized assessments such as the I.S.E.E., S.A.T., G.R.E. etc.
Kindergarten Readiness Evaluations are offered to help parents make this important decision whether their youngster is ready to begin school.