The Psychoeducational Evaluation School Reports that we receive from Dr. Joan Browner are helpful beyond words. They give teachers and administrators meaningful feedback as to a child’s learning strengths and challenges. Practical recommendations are suggested so that our school learns how we can better extend our support to both the child and the family. Our students and parents have been extremely comfortable working with Dr. Browner due to her warm and caring manner as well as to her impressive insights and expertise.”

~ Lois Levy-Assistant Head of School at the Center for Early Education

“As a private school administrator, I often find myself in the precarious middle ground between parent and psychologist. It takes a lot of faith for a mother and father to entrust their child’s education to our school, and we take that same leap of faith when recommending a mental health professional to help a family through a tricky, and often scary, time. Dr. Browner came highly recommended back in 1992 and we haven’t looked back in twenty years. Dr. Browner has a brilliant mind, a consummate professional, a patient listener and a wonderful teacher. Over the years, she’s helped scores of our families navigate and overcome a wide variety of issues, and she does it with a grace and dignity that somehow manages to keep the children smiling. Dr. Browner has also developed practical, in-school solutions that help our teachers identify learning challenges early and foster them throughout the years. We would not be the same school without her.”

~ Laurie Wolke - Head of School at Laurence School

“Diagnosing and managing psychological issues of children are very challenging and need a vast knowledge. Dr. Browner who has been evaluating and treating a large number of my patients over the last fifteen years has shown the capability of doing so, particularly in the field of AD/HD. Doctor Browner’s integrity, kindness and helpfulness towards the families and her compassion with the patients is amazing. I have been fortunate and honored to be able to refer my patients to her.”

~ M. Shaheedy, M.D.- Pediatrician